How much is enough? Do the thing everyone frowns upon and put yourself first!

Honestly, when you decide to get your act together, how much truth needs to be told?  This is not a sad or morbid topic, actually it’s pretty fun.  When you seek the truth, and have been through a life altering experience, and then decide it’s time to act….how much of this do you share?

If you are like me, you feel so deeply that others can benefit from this wake up call and want to share it with the world.  In my case, a book that pretty much spells it all out.  What if the other people in your life are not willing to accept this new you?  What if they are so content in keeping their heads buried in the sand, that the very thought of truth-telling makes them nervous?  I think first you have to ask yourself, what are they so nervous about?  Are they actually thinking that you will sell them out, or are they worried with the altered reality that they have lived in for so long being taken away?  I’ve discovered it could be any combination of the above.  In response to this, I have developed some questions to ask yourself to determine whether you are over sharing, and if what you are do actually benefits anyone other than yourself?  Will it cause others pain?

1.  Are you potentially helping others by bringing to light a problem that could help others?  Is it a medical fact that has been ignored, that could be in your bloodline, or in others – something that may never have considered because it is not a routine test?

2.  Are you hoping to educate others who could be in a potentially harmful situation?  Will your words speak to them and hopefully bring these folks to action?  Will it help them fall in love, or look in the mirror FOR REAL?

If you answered yes to the above questions, than tell as much as you legally can!  Even if you sell it or share it as Fiction based on a True story.  Go for it!  These opportunities are once in a lifetime, and you are only cheating yourself if you don’t tell as much as you can.  You may end up saving someone else.  What a gift!

What I have noticed is in the writers community, (I’m not, I am an Author, and Publisher) that many of the writers are either depressed or tell inspirational stories about those who could be depressed and how to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Well kids, here is the truth.  I am neither depressed, or upset at any of it anymore.  The key to survival is faith in yourself and what you have to offer to others in your blog, book, article, or whatever publication you put out there.  If you are looking for a story that involves survival of the fittest, overcoming huge obstacles, while still empowering others to do the same you have come to the right place.  If you are looking for romance, heartbreak, medical drama, and a true heroine, than look no further!

The Mask of the Doctor’s Wife is about the mask’s we all wear to cover insecurities to overcome adversity in times when we just have no other choice.  Unless you are incredibly rich (I’m not), or a known celebrity (I’m not), than you will have to rely on the words of your story to inspire others to want to know more!  This blog is an introduction to a young single Mother who grew up not knowing the truth about herself.  She was told a story, that she believed because she could not remember the facts, and all she really knew was that her body failed her, more than it should.  Every time this happened, she brushed herself off, got up and moved forward with little help from anyone.  Our heroine, who is good-hearted in nature, desperately wanted to find the key to her locked mind, and so she searched.  She is not perfect and never pretends to be.  She is not a victim and refuses to be treated as such.  She is simply a girl who grew into a woman who took advantage of the doors that were opened for her and once inside of those doors succeeded, time and time again.  Failure came and went, but it never became a part of her vocabulary.  The love of a strong “adopted Father”, and a strong husband saved her life.  When given this gift, she decided to help others and empower them to become their best selves and to educate others on how to turn tragedy into grace.

This is my story.  Like any great story it comes with a price.  It exposes certain people who do not want to accept change, who will turn into naysayers that refuse to see the truth inside themselves. I cannot accept the responsibility for those that do not want real change, I can only share the story in hope that it will reach those who, like me, need the answers and are willing to take off the rose-colored glasses.

Life is messy.  Life brings opportunity and those unwilling to grab for it are really missing out!  If you don’t believe me watch the “Walking Dead”.  That is the same thing, walking through life without really taking the time to laugh, smile, make fun of yourself, and live in the moment.  I could, and have, in many past blogs quoted music, movies, other famous Authors, and try to relate to my audience the best I can.  Life although messy, is better than the pathway not traveled due to fear or intimidation!  This girl does not intimidate easily, and she has nine lives, and like the cat will always eventually land on her feet.  What’s not to love about that?

Words of wisdom came from a great friend of mine last night.  The best we can do for ourselves is to accept who we are, and with that valuable information to do the best we can to become our best self.  I call this #PROGRESS!  It is far better to move forward than not to move at all.  For me, it started very small, instead of the long “to do lists” I used to make for myself, I cut it to three things per day.  Three things you can accomplish realistically and build from that.  In addition to that, make others own their responsibilities.  The bailout stops here.  The guilt stops here.  Past pain from those that have harmed you but cannot own it and apologise, stops here.  Now that you have accepted yourself for who you are, accept others in the same way.  Forgiveness and love are the phases that follow tears, and anger.  It’s worth the journey.


aka…Mask of the Doctor’s Wife

Author: Stephanie Carter Taylor

Small business owner since 2003. Trying to achieve great health and overcome adversity! Recently I was told to take a year off from physician marketing consulting, to work on my health goals. I really had no intention of following this advice, with a survivor mentality, and a hard head, I did not start making changes until my visit to the Neurologist. His words rocked my world, and I am writing about that experience. As life happens, I ended opening a weight loss spa. These blogs are the first step in marketing. They automatically go to Twitter and Facebook, and email if you sign up. Leave me your comments and ideas, they are directly emailed to me, or click on the blogger Facebook page to leave public comments!

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