All that glitters is not gold….

Everlasting poem of our time!
JRR Tolkien had it right in the 50’s and it stands true TODAY. 

Credit to Mr. Tolkien…..

Thank you for still being the voice of our time.

Many of the stories told in The Lord of the rings, can be valuable in relationships, love, loyalty, and fighting for what you truly believe in!  Think about it.

Xoxo, Mask of the Doctors wife

The youngest child…

This is an article meant to entertain parents who still have their youngest in the nest.  Explanation will be given as to why we behave the way we do over the youngest. #youngestchild

1.  This is your last shot.  It doesn’t matter if the others all have PHD’s by now, the youngest will still have pressure on them to be the best. #parentpressures

2.  You are experienced parents now.  You know all the tricks of the trade and are determined to give it your best so that last one can survive in this world, yet you have more of a sense of humor about it. #abletospotbullshit

3.  The youngest child, knowing that there will be no more is the hardest to discipline.  You have such a different love for this baby that despite wanting to be strict, you find yourself letting go of the small things because he is your last and you secretly your golden child. #yourgreatestlove

4.  The youngest child has learned from his older siblings and he is a charmer!  He will not only know all the tricks, but has learned how to improve upon them to pull at your heart strings!   You are tired of fighting so you may let the little things slide because of your overwhelming love for him and he is your last!

5.  This child has the benefit of things that the others did not.  As you have grown as a parent you have also grown in your career, and will likely have more financial resources at your disposal.  This is good and bad.  Your youngest likely has less responsibility around the house but still has more perks due to your success!  He is given more than his older siblings because it is easier to parent with help of gadgets and goodies to use as colleteral to be taken away if he doesn’t behave! #bribery

6.  For the Mother – This is your last and only baby.  He will always be no matter what happens your heart will melt with his smile and his happiness.  Now that you have more to give, you will really want to give it all! #mothersproblems

For several reasons you should NOT give in to these feelings and your fear of empty nest syndrome! Your job is not done yet.  In fact it is never fully done with any of your children.  You are the example.  Remain strong, keep the LOVE going because in their travels they will still and always need you.  Be that rock for all of them, be that safe place that they can always cuddle up to.

The youngest child has a place in a Mother’s heart that nothing else can quite fill.  He represents something that is so fabulous, you as a parent were the best YOU.  It’s very hard to let that kind of love go.  The good news is, it is never truly lost, and you will always be important to him as he is to you.  As always, he will play his hand with your emotions, and you will know it’s happening but allow it anyway.  After all, true love is patient, kind, and heart breaking.

Youngest children – try to remember – you are the heart and love that keeps the family going!  Don’t abuse this power.  Honor thy Father and thy

 Mother.  You mean more to them than words can ever express. #honorthyfatherandtheymother

Thinking of Carter.  Xoxo, the Mask of the Doctors Wife