All that glitters is not gold….

Everlasting poem of our time!
JRR Tolkien had it right in the 50’s and it stands true TODAY. 

Credit to Mr. Tolkien…..

Thank you for still being the voice of our time.

Many of the stories told in The Lord of the rings, can be valuable in relationships, love, loyalty, and fighting for what you truly believe in!  Think about it.

Xoxo, Mask of the Doctors wife

Author: Stephanie Carter Taylor

Small business owner since 2003. Trying to achieve great health and overcome adversity! Recently I was told to take a year off from physician marketing consulting, to work on my health goals. I really had no intention of following this advice, with a survivor mentality, and a hard head, I did not start making changes until my visit to the Neurologist. His words rocked my world, and I am writing about that experience. As life happens, I ended opening a weight loss spa. These blogs are the first step in marketing. They automatically go to Twitter and Facebook, and email if you sign up. Leave me your comments and ideas, they are directly emailed to me, or click on the blogger Facebook page to leave public comments!

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