I’m so LUCKY, and I want to make the world a better place for our children.

The above are the amount of supplies my blood disease requires if I should have a bleed or if I am preparing for a simple procedure or surgery.  I am very blessed to now know what I am dealing with and lucky enough to have the financial resources.  Even with my deductible met I still owe $2,000.00.  It’s an alarming kit of iv starter packs, individual needles, push saline, and a ton of factor, and Von Willebrand serum that needs to be mixed, and enough bandages, alcohol prep pads, and a huge amount of instructions to make anyone’s head spin, but I am so grateful to know what’s going on now and have a plan.

I had the unique ability to have lunch with an amazing CEO of one of our greatest hospital systems.  We were meeting because I want to help a local charity but am unsure of how to go about taking them to the next level so they can help more people.  This kind, and well respected CEO offered to show me the ropes with a charity that he sits on the board for.  I am very lucky to know people who will help me when I need it, and this means that if given that opportunity to pay it forward yourself – you simply should!  So many people are stuck in the “me” zone.  Actually we all do from time to time and that is Okay.  What’s not okay is when you have been given such a large gift in this life, and yet you never do anything to help your fellow man.  It’s not about money, it could be something as simple as helping a friend.

You never know, you could be helping someone who suffers deeply with depression and by a simple act of kindness you just threw them a lifeline.  What could feel better than that?  What I have come to appreciate about being in my forties is that life should be celebrated!  The younger generation will eventually learn in time too.  Mothers teach your kids these life lessons early.  They may not appreciate being dragged off into charity functions or helping out others just because, but they will learn a valuable life lesson and hopefully take this spirit with them into adulthood. ❤️

Moma’s teach your little girls the #girlfriendcode

#Girlfriendcode.  Anne Moss Rogers, this one is for you doll!

One of the things I love about one of my best friends is she taught me the true meaning of this in business!  We both ran successful marketing agencies, hers – Impression Marketing, mine – Medical Marketing Consulting.  She was a very lucky girl who understood content marketing and the value of the Internet.  I was a girl who had a good amount of medical clients that needed print public relations and still did a great deal of print marketing, as well as video.

I still remember her call nearly five years ago.  She said, “I’ve seen your magazine everywhere, and hear the name and for some reason I just thought we should talk!”  I remember thinking that number one I loved this girl’s laugh, and number two – she had a really valid reason for the first meeting.  I remember telling others I was going to meet with her and they said to me, “She could steal your business!”  I remember thinking over one lunch at Capital Ale House, not likely, and she just had a bright voice and tone about her.  I wanted to get to know her.

There is a reason these things happen!  She told me many secrets about herself and until she gave me permission, I never spoke a word of them.  I told her secrets too, she was honorable.  As we sat together and cried over certain circumstance, a friendship was won.  Several clients I turned away, I sent her way.  Maybe some panned out, maybe some didn’t, but she knew my intentions were good and we remained friends in commerce and our strong feeling for the #girlfriendcode.  So many women in business can get caught up in competition, their husbands, their cars, their house, and their wardrobes!  We never did.

She actually began doing public speaking about #inhershoes, and was published in the Richmond Times Dispatch.  A great motivational speaker about how women in business should work together.

So, in closing, Moma’s tell your daughters to be nice to other girls!  Sometimes, chance meetings are not by chance at all, but by life’s choice.  Don’t let the good ones pass you by.  Men have had the upper hand for so long,  it’s time women see it the same way!  I MAY be really great at doing this, but she is AMAZING at doing that!  Moma’s teach your girls respect of other women, tenderness in girl friendships.

Why?  It doesn’t matter if this girl has something you don’t.  What matter’s is that in coming together, something really great can happen!  You might just discover your “wing girl”.  She’s got your back and vice versa.  It should be that way no matter what anyway.  We are already overcoming adversities!  You may just need a friend who’s hand reaches out for yours, no matter what circumstance, just to say, “I got you”.  No falling down on my shift, and you will be so grateful.

Consider it. #girlfriendcode