Humor is the best medicine! ūüćĺūüíÉūüėĄūüėā

Ever wonder why people say “LOL” or “LMAO”, because they are! ¬†Laughter is truly the very best medicine I can offer! ¬†So in that spirit let me share some giggles.

1. ¬†I often go upstairs several times a day and wonder, “What the hell did I come up here for?” ¬†Only to go back downstairs remember and go back up! ¬†If this were an Olympian sport, I would WIN, hands down, no contest.

2. ¬†The constant inner conflict that resides between doing what you want to do or what you HAVE to do. ¬†Most times my WANT wins! ¬†Why? ¬†At the age of 44 what could possibly happen by NOT doing the “have to”. ¬†Why? ¬†I am a grown f*cking adult? ¬†What is the worst that could happen? ¬†They are going to take my Birthday away? ¬†No worries, DONE. ¬†Aging goes against my personal policy anyway.

3. ¬†Dealing with people who either don’t get it, refuse to get it, or are trying to prove a point to me? ¬†BIG “LOL”! ¬†You have obviously mistaken me for someone else.

4. ¬†Teenagers and grown children- ¬†” The words because I said so have never been more appropriate”. ¬†You are the parent, it’s your castle so rule it. ¬†If you have raised them right, and I am sure you have….see rule #2. ¬†The same applies.

5.  Husbands.  They are great men to be loved and respected.  Keep telling them that until they believe it and your world just got a whole lot better.

6. ¬†If you are a savvy woman, do not let your looks fall down the toliet. ¬†Do it for you first, your husband second, and thirdly because the “plumber” masked as a divoce attorney is messy and expensive.

7. ¬†Personal growth and happiness is not expendable. ¬†Keep going, never appear defeated even if you are at the moment, keep moving forward. ¬†Never let them see you sweat. ¬†You are a winner on the inside, if you don’t believe it at first try, keep on trying. ¬†Never underestimate the power of your world.

8.  Pay it forward.  So VERY simple.  If you were offered the kindness of others, simply repay it.  I promise it comes back 100 times.

9.  Laugh lines can be expensive with Botox!  Keep doing it anyway, both are worth it.

10. ¬†We all have “those people” who will doubt you, question you, and try to pull you down like two people drowning. ¬†Save yourself first. ¬†Until you know you, there is no way possible to help others. ¬†Would those people save you? ¬†Most will not. ¬†This is not High School anymore…surround yourself with those that will help you bury the dead bodies. ¬†They are your true friends. ¬†They are the friends that while sitting next you in jail, will look at you and smile while saying, “Damn that was FUN!”

Have a blessed day!  -Mask of the Doctors Wife