Love is what you make it!

I love my new independence!

The great thing about opening something that is your own is that everything else appears so small. Men appreciate this because it’s less about what they can do for your you, and what you can do for yourself!

Little does he know, his money is your money, and my new money is mine. (For the new girls, this is your hero, he won’t care).

What he does care about is YOUR happiness? The keepers will always cheer you on! This is my case! Shameless plug –! It gets better, I am making money hand over fist! Why? #girlpower, that exceeds your wildest dreams! Woman want something to believe in, and I deliver that! My last client just lost 10 inches. WOW! I have figured this stuff out.

Just putting that out there! Keep in touch with me!

Just do it! Let me zap that belly. You will be very satisfied! No doubt! Call me! 💋804-901-7300.

The phones are ringing, and my everyday excitement is amazing!


This post is for women over forty!  Not that I am 40?  Nope still celebrating my fifth anniversary of 39.  

Shameless plug #Slender Solutions, located at 13817 Village Mill Drive, Suite M Midlothian, Virginia 23114! Check it out!

My new wake up time is giving me the “happy dance”!  What’s really crazy is I used to gear my sleep schedule around my husband.  If he worked the night shift and didn’t get home until 12:00am I stayed awake for him.  If he didn’t get up the next day until 10:00, or okay maybe noon, I slept in or quietly answered emails on my phone, but I stayed by his side.  My business back then was basically on autopilot and with just one teenager left at home, it wasn’t that big of a deal to be basically just the wifey and the Mom.

Now, that the business is retail, although by appointment only, I cannot sleep past 7:30am!  I can lay there and toss and turn or I can get up and get moving.  As long as I don’t wake up the sleeping King, it all works out!  My to-do list brain is in full guilt mode if I don’t get up and get to it!

This is making me very happy to have the luxury to help inspire others and give back to the people that helped me out when I started my crazy entrepreneurship back in 2003!  It’s nice when a client comes in, shares their goals and what they want to achieve. I can actually help them get there.  This is putting a smile on my face every day, and suddenly the little things I used to worry about really don’t cross my mind much.  Is my house still spotless?  NO.  Ask me if I still care?  Not really, this OCD perfectionist is becoming quite chill…thanks to the new business, girlfriends, and Xanex!  A winning combo if you ask me.

I know my kids have to be happier, even if they say they’re not, LOL…talk to me again after you turn 30.  I am no longer obsessing and over-parenting grown adults!  Yes, folks, I have overcome diversity.  You didn’t read that wrong.  I was overcoming adversity much earlier in life, but the switch has flipped and I’m just not going to feel guilty about it.

I haven’t added the music in awhile…So given these blessings, you will have to bere with me –

Can anyone hear me? Emotionally naked.

Why am I writing this?

I am sharing a very personal story, hopefully to help the people who are too afraid to try.

Ever heard of the phrase, “if you have never failed, you have never tried”? It’s SO true. Sticking your neck out and trying something new is so scary! Why would I choose to share my fears? I want to help people feel empowered, and sometimes, you just have to fake it until you make it. You just do…

No matter if you had the worst childhood or the very best, everyone gets scared at their next reinvention. We will ask ourselves, am I good enough? Do I deserve good things and happiness? The answer to the above is always YES. We are God’s children put on this beautiful earth to make a difference!

Above is a picture of me and my new grand-daughter. It was scary, I was full of worry…would the baby be ok? Would my step-daughter be ok? I didn’t sleep the night before our flight to go and welcome this child. Turns out Mom and baby are absolutely perfect! You see, I am secret OCD perfectionist. I worry about others sometimes more than myself, because my internal worries are SO scary!

I have recently, 20 days ago created a new business with a big loan! If you are anything like me, you forget your past success, you forget how you survived when others would have easily given up. You forget that you have gone down this path before. Some with huge success, some just OK, and some an utter disaster! The good news is I survived. I always have. Sometimes a near perfect childhood isn’t a blessing, sometimes it makes you stronger in a way that no one else can really understand.

I have a new medical weight loss spa…shameful plug #slendersolutions. Many have asked, why? Here’s why. I was blessed something in that no so great childhood, a fire, a perseverance, a good old fashioned…get up, dust yourself off and fight another day! That’s why!

I could tell a sad story, and more than likely at some point I will, but first, always first…Be brave enough, believe in yourself enough to try. What’s the worst that could happen? People at home aren’t sitting around judging our new Facebook page! Delusions of grander aren’t my thing.

What is my thing? The love a great man, loving my kids despite them running for their lives, and making people feel happy! Proud of what they have accomplished against all odds, when most would have given up! This #girlfriendcode runs deep.

So, in closing my girls – be bold, go where others are afraid to go, work hard, and most of all put yourself first! Just do it. It could change your life!


New business owner, but still the mask of the Doctor’s wife…

For my oldest, best friend and my God Daughter….

This is a story about true friendship that has lasted over 34 years, and why these childhood girlfriends are the BEST of all.

The picture above was taken two weeks ago. My greatest friend gave me the gift of coming and staying at my house for the whole weekend with my God Daughter. She is a crazy person having another baby at 40!! Or so I thought. Jemma is a beautiful girl and so lovely, it brought back great memories of being physically, happily tired, but not emotionally exhausted as they grow up.

We did haircuts, nails, Chuck E. Cheese (we loved the ski ball!), movies, great dinners, and WINE!

We remised about high school fun/torture, told funny stories, laughed and even cried. To all women out there – please listen to me! I’m so proud of her and all of her accomplishments, and she is so proud of mine. These are not sugar coated but said with real value. The #girlfriend code is so real and so sacred. We are like vaults for each other! No secret will ever be told. No jealousy, no “one upping” each other – EVER! It is the perfect combination of history, love, and something that should always be respected. It’s so special when it was time for them to leave, I felt sad.

I think women as we get older forget these cardinal rules of friendship, and even still believe you have to still have 500 close friends like in your twenties. That’s just crap! As we age, life is complicated, we have so much responsibility with family etc., that we forget Sister time is so important to our souls.

Husbands, boys, guys, and dude’s they come and go! True girlfriends stay. They are happy for your greatest days, and mourn for your bad ones.

Feel blessed if you have such a person in your life! Even if you now live 100 miles apart, a text, a phone call is a must. Sharing days events, crazy days at work…whatever it is…just talking to your best gal pal fills your heart like nothing else can.

Nikki, this is your snobby, too chatty friend letting you know that I love you. I will always protect you and your girls. I’ll help bury the dead bodies of anyone that hurts you. I’ll help you celebrate anyone that lifts you up. Always.

Your best friend, partner in crime, and STILL the mask of the Doctor’s wife…