Healing…Slowly…Do I feel guilty for laughing?

Yes. I feel guilty for every moment I get to enjoy, and my Brother is not here.

This is my niece. I’ve always wanted a girl to spoil. This girl is quite amazing. She shares my Brother’s DNA and she has a very cool Mom.

I may have never known this. I was so busy with my boys, that I forgot to see the gorgeous niece that was left for me, and her Mom. She is bright, smart, talented, she picks out the best shoes and makeup a girl can ask for. What makes her so special? That’s a hard one. She is everything my Brother was. However, she has a strong Moma that despite her mourning a deceased husband, father of her child, and she is coping and raising a great girl! I am privileged to see this happening.

Thank God. I thank him everyday for all of the gifts that have been given to me. I pray for our family. I pray for healing, and past arguments to be forgotten. We only have this one life….Let’s live it. Hell, let’s LOVE it!


Obviously, nothing is ever complete without a Billy Joel.

Thank you for listening ….

Still wearing the mask…perhaps it may come off soon, but for now…

The Mask of the Doctors Wife 😅