Today is Corey’s Birthday

This is a picture of pure love. My Brother and Sister were there to support my son Carter graduating from High School, and headed off to College.

Corey always came. He was always present and accounted for. He loved me, he loved my boys, his Daughter and our whole family. Today we miss him, and I am told the first Birthday after the passing is the hardest.

I had the strangest dream last night. There was this chain link fence, I had made it to the top, but I didn’t have the strength and energy to cross over the fence.

As I struggled to hold on, I felt my Brother saying, it’s OK to let go, you need to let go. Just please let go and live your life. He reassured me I wasn’t giving up on him or his memory, but rather choosing to live the life I had earned. The struggle has been too long, and would not lead me to a good place.

The love was so overwhelming I wanted to stay in the dream. Then I woke up. When the world is quiet, I’m going to learn to listen.

I love you Corey, we all do, and we will never forget you.

Sleep well. No more pain for you. You are in a good place, please keep showing up in my dreams.

Xoxo, the Mask of the Doctor’s wife

Author: Stephanie Carter Taylor

Small business owner since 2003. Trying to achieve great health and overcome adversity! Recently I was told to take a year off from physician marketing consulting, to work on my health goals. I really had no intention of following this advice, with a survivor mentality, and a hard head, I did not start making changes until my visit to the Neurologist. His words rocked my world, and I am writing about that experience. As life happens, I ended opening a weight loss spa. These blogs are the first step in marketing. They automatically go to Twitter and Facebook, and email if you sign up. Leave me your comments and ideas, they are directly emailed to me, or click on the blogger Facebook page to leave public comments!

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