What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, there is a battle ahead…You are ready….

Time for your next reinvention?  Everybody wants to the rule the world.

Do that extra work out even when you don’t feel like it, pull that man of yours into your bed and make him work for it, make time for family, friends, but most importantly – YOU!  Why?  No one else is going to do it better than you will.  The reward of hard work is so much greater than something that was just given to you.  You respect it more, take care of it more, and this is true in all things.

So, pick yourself up, pity party is over, kick that teenager’s butt into reality and don’t feel bad about saying NO!  What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen at this point?  

Are the naysayers going to take your Birthday away?  I highly doubt they are capable of taking anything away from you at this point.

A new motto, (in formal voice), “The only thing we have to FEAR is FEAR itself”.  Personally I think FEAR is the schoolyard Bully, who really isn’t capable of doing much anyway!  We ALL know these characters,   We all know where that person ends up – NOWHERE, with NOTHING!  Look that Bully in the face, or get a fabulous legal representative too – and say these words until you believe them, “I am not defeated, not NOW, not EVER, you get me?  If I have to prove it to you one more time I will, the survivor in me knows exactly HOW”!  Then take two steps back, turn away and do not look back, to think back and do not allow yourself the luxury of getting soft just because life has gotten a little harder.

There is a silver lining behind life’s small lessons.  I strongly believe the greater the struggle the bigger the reward, in fact I know it.  I think we get so overwhelmed with life’s little stuff that we lose track of the greatest stuff.  I feel lucky to be able to write about the struggles of illness, life, kids, career, and most importantly LOVE.  This reminds me I have the greatest gifts – a wonderful life, great kids, an awesome new career adventure, and my LOVE, my husband!

For the Hubby

-ST – aka, Mask of the Doctor’s wife

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