Saturday Morning Musing…

We are off to the races!  Saturday morning arrives and everyone scurries for the “to do list”!  UGH…So easy for my husband – hit golf balls, work out, run errands?  College boy is off to work (THERE is a silver lining), and Mom?  Well, I’m going to make the bed, drink coffee, and then I’m going to blog, work, exercise, finish the to do list I didn’t finish from last week?  Sigh…Say the hell to all of the above and go to the pool?

This is about as interesting as watching paint dry…Fear not it gets better!  I am opening another new business!  Yep, I’m risking it all for the sake of sanity and will actually be a retail spa/store owner in a few weeks to come.  Only a HUNDRED things on THAT to do list, but hey, we all know my parents did not raise a quitter!

I have decided to make my menopausal Momas as thin as they were before childbirth or at least get the belly back in a two piece bathing suit!  Why did I decide to do this?  Hummm….Empty nest syndrome?  I’m reinventing myself?  All of the above but MOSTLY because I went through the process myself, had amazing results and decided I could do it better, and less expensive than my so-called competition!   I also really enjoy happy women that feel good in their skin, no matter what age or life circumstance has led them into putting themselves FIRST.  More details to come along with a grand opening….hint…go to :

The picture above shows my sexy Medical Director.  I like him a lot!

Happy Saturday,

The Teaser aka still The Mask of the Doctor’s Wife


Kiss your son Goodbye, with the same love that you kissed his Father goodbye.  Circumstances different, the outcome is still the same.

Imagine –  bring a young girl full of life’s possibilities and at 19 years old she has a baby on her hip saying Goodbye to his Father.  Imagine it, you are a single parent.  I haven’t written about him in a long time because it has no relevance to today’s events, but a scar still remains.  Obviously, that girl was ME.  He told me a tale of the short term plan being with the air guard and having just graduated from college and then a short air force stint to become an Officer and then we were free for him to fly as an airline pilot!  Wow, was I excited!  Until your guy, my guy believes he is the real deal and let’s go full time AirForce baby!  Wow.  AirForce pilots are mainly stationed in one place, great for a family right?  Except NO, the AirForce deploys mainly of their pilots TDY.  For those that don’t know, it’s temporary duty assignment…aka….Your guy is gone, he has decided AirForce/Country over you.  It is an unstoppable, unspeakable, and lonely existence .  Especially for you are a very young Officer’s wife/Mother, it doesn’t matter what you or the baby need.  I’m not trashing our AirForce, or any of the other military community.  In fact, I applaud any other wife/husband that can knowing give over your spouse.  But more importantly your child.

The boy you raised by yourself, wants to be like him.  In my worst nightmares, I can tell several scenarios.

1.  Your child comes in as normal from community college, but a bit earlier and you say, “where were you?” – I dropped out of classes Mom, and I’ve joined the Army.  “WHAT????”  Infantry division Mom.  (After being peeled off the floor) my husband says, it’s probably for the best, he doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life.

So, let Afganistan kill him?  (I’m not clear on the months that followed or even much of his class graduation, except Pilot Dad is posing for pictures with the young man I raised.)

Next I remember going to Hawaii to spend a week and then he would be off within days of us.  I remember being present, but I wasn’t.  Anything to distract myself of what was actually about to happen (I think I read 2 books in 4 days). He was thinking I was distracted, he never knew how terrified I was, it was time to pull back and let him to it.  He takes us the the Airport (big suprize, pilot Dad never shows?). Step-Dad always there – every milestone – driving, girls, pot, friends, graduation – step-dad is always there.

The agony of a Mother’s heart gets worse.  Her baby boy, her youngest is about to leave the nest.  All you can think of is that little precious boy that would fall asleep while snuggling with you and dog on the couch.  You have more pictures on your phone of that than anything.  The innocence, that great pure love, and a blonde headed boy who trots home from school everyday.  He laughs, he smiles, and your entire world is forever changed.  

It no longer matters that you didn’t get to be free, to be young, to be irresponsible.  You just are.  That young blonde boy heals your heart of so many things.  You nursed him through a bad day at school, through a cold, through his first heart break by a girl.  Your heart breaks too because seeing him cry is worse than death.   Then he starts getting acceptance letters to college.  It’s all happening all over again.  As a Mother, you want them to succeed, you want them to have the best life.  You are financially stable, educated, and have a wonderful husband.  This husband although he has done so much work as well, still doesn’t feel in his heart what you do.  Even biological Father’s do not understand the torture of another love to move on.  That is the curse of having all boys.  In the end another woman gets them.  By this time you have forgotten who you are as a person.

Where is that once footloose girl who wanted so many things?  She did accomplish many things, but the future of what to do next remains unclear.

It’s something to think about.  My boys will surely know this is about them.  I adore all three.  The last to leave the nest stings the most.  This is the natural evalution of life, the circle of life where Mom waits in the middle.  She loves you so.  

Humor is the best medicine! 🍾💃😄😂

Ever wonder why people say “LOL” or “LMAO”, because they are!  Laughter is truly the very best medicine I can offer!  So in that spirit let me share some giggles.

1.  I often go upstairs several times a day and wonder, “What the hell did I come up here for?”  Only to go back downstairs remember and go back up!  If this were an Olympian sport, I would WIN, hands down, no contest.

2.  The constant inner conflict that resides between doing what you want to do or what you HAVE to do.  Most times my WANT wins!  Why?  At the age of 44 what could possibly happen by NOT doing the “have to”.  Why?  I am a grown f*cking adult?  What is the worst that could happen?  They are going to take my Birthday away?  No worries, DONE.  Aging goes against my personal policy anyway.

3.  Dealing with people who either don’t get it, refuse to get it, or are trying to prove a point to me?  BIG “LOL”!  You have obviously mistaken me for someone else.

4.  Teenagers and grown children-  ” The words because I said so have never been more appropriate”.  You are the parent, it’s your castle so rule it.  If you have raised them right, and I am sure you have….see rule #2.  The same applies.

5.  Husbands.  They are great men to be loved and respected.  Keep telling them that until they believe it and your world just got a whole lot better.

6.  If you are a savvy woman, do not let your looks fall down the toliet.  Do it for you first, your husband second, and thirdly because the “plumber” masked as a divoce attorney is messy and expensive.

7.  Personal growth and happiness is not expendable.  Keep going, never appear defeated even if you are at the moment, keep moving forward.  Never let them see you sweat.  You are a winner on the inside, if you don’t believe it at first try, keep on trying.  Never underestimate the power of your world.

8.  Pay it forward.  So VERY simple.  If you were offered the kindness of others, simply repay it.  I promise it comes back 100 times.

9.  Laugh lines can be expensive with Botox!  Keep doing it anyway, both are worth it.

10.  We all have “those people” who will doubt you, question you, and try to pull you down like two people drowning.  Save yourself first.  Until you know you, there is no way possible to help others.  Would those people save you?  Most will not.  This is not High School anymore…surround yourself with those that will help you bury the dead bodies.  They are your true friends.  They are the friends that while sitting next you in jail, will look at you and smile while saying, “Damn that was FUN!”

Have a blessed day!  -Mask of the Doctors Wife

So you had a bad day…Think of the goodness…Husband, children, grandchildren and of coarse…DOGS…

The pictures above are obviously of my family, and I am blessed to have them all.  Now, having said this …. Doesn’t it piss you off royally when you just need a day to re-group and Johnny Sunshine says,”cheer up, look at all you have to be grateful for!”  It does for me.  I want to look at that person and say,”yes, I obviously am blessed – however – I forgot to take my f*cking happy pill today!”  It’s just one of those days.  

I had to parent my youngest child today!  Absolutely hate the pain of having to do that.  He is a good kid, but he made a mistake and needs to learn from it!  I think mine actually knows very well how hard it is for me.  His POWERS go something like this, he gets angry and storms off.  I give him time but HOLD my ground.  About an hour later, he will come to me and say I love you Mom and you were right.  I’m not sure anyone can possibly understand how much this means to me.  It really does mean something to raise a young man who will become a great man.  By great, I mean his morals are in fact, he has empathy for others, he’s kind, sweet to girls that one day become women and he will be a great husband!  He’s laid back and doesn’t have to stress too much because he knows the difference between wrong and right and will use those tools to become successful and happy.  

My full time parenting will come to an end as he enters his senior year of High School and then is off to college!  It makes me cry a lot.  It makes me do a happy dance a lot!  Only Mom’s understand these are some very complex emotions.  Throw in menapause and you are a ticking time bomb!

So, I had a bad day.  It won’t kill me, I’m the survivor.  Born that way.  The Cat with nine lives who will land on her feet no matter what!  All phrases I’ve been told, and I couldn’t agree MORE.  Happy HUMP day!

Aka….the mask of the Doctor’s wife….

You can still be a wife, Mother, and employee…The trick is learning when it’s time to just let your body relax.

The above women are strong, powerful, lovely, unique and kind.

Free your mind, listen to these remarkable women

#LetGo  Click the link below!

The above women are strong, powerful, lovely, unique and kind.

Free your mind, listen to these remarkable women.

I hope that you can see this video. I still cannot watch it without crying. So inspirational!

How many of us feel that we are stretched too thin, over stressed, and simply cannot complete being perfection that is required of us women today. How many of us are sleep deprived? How many women do you personally know right now that is trying to accomplish such astronomical goals, that they fear we are losing ourselves?

In this day in technology, women are charged with huge “to do lists”. I would like you to take a minute and write a “what not to do list”. I am in no way suggesting that we give up our power or equality. What I am saying, is that women are still the center of the family. We still want to serve our husbands, and engage with our children. We need to cut back our lists and take time to enjoy the life we are living right now.

Life is so short. Take the time to love yourself, love others, and simply just BE.


ST- aka Mask of the Doctor’s wife

Credit goes to the #LetGo campaign started in the U.K.


I’m so LUCKY, and I want to make the world a better place for our children.

The above are the amount of supplies my blood disease requires if I should have a bleed or if I am preparing for a simple procedure or surgery.  I am very blessed to now know what I am dealing with and lucky enough to have the financial resources.  Even with my deductible met I still owe $2,000.00.  It’s an alarming kit of iv starter packs, individual needles, push saline, and a ton of factor, and Von Willebrand serum that needs to be mixed, and enough bandages, alcohol prep pads, and a huge amount of instructions to make anyone’s head spin, but I am so grateful to know what’s going on now and have a plan.

I had the unique ability to have lunch with an amazing CEO of one of our greatest hospital systems.  We were meeting because I want to help a local charity but am unsure of how to go about taking them to the next level so they can help more people.  This kind, and well respected CEO offered to show me the ropes with a charity that he sits on the board for.  I am very lucky to know people who will help me when I need it, and this means that if given that opportunity to pay it forward yourself – you simply should!  So many people are stuck in the “me” zone.  Actually we all do from time to time and that is Okay.  What’s not okay is when you have been given such a large gift in this life, and yet you never do anything to help your fellow man.  It’s not about money, it could be something as simple as helping a friend.

You never know, you could be helping someone who suffers deeply with depression and by a simple act of kindness you just threw them a lifeline.  What could feel better than that?  What I have come to appreciate about being in my forties is that life should be celebrated!  The younger generation will eventually learn in time too.  Mothers teach your kids these life lessons early.  They may not appreciate being dragged off into charity functions or helping out others just because, but they will learn a valuable life lesson and hopefully take this spirit with them into adulthood. ❤️

Moma’s teach your little girls the #girlfriendcode

#Girlfriendcode.  Anne Moss Rogers, this one is for you doll!

One of the things I love about one of my best friends is she taught me the true meaning of this in business!  We both ran successful marketing agencies, hers – Impression Marketing, mine – Medical Marketing Consulting.  She was a very lucky girl who understood content marketing and the value of the Internet.  I was a girl who had a good amount of medical clients that needed print public relations and still did a great deal of print marketing, as well as video.

I still remember her call nearly five years ago.  She said, “I’ve seen your magazine everywhere, and hear the name and for some reason I just thought we should talk!”  I remember thinking that number one I loved this girl’s laugh, and number two – she had a really valid reason for the first meeting.  I remember telling others I was going to meet with her and they said to me, “She could steal your business!”  I remember thinking over one lunch at Capital Ale House, not likely, and she just had a bright voice and tone about her.  I wanted to get to know her.

There is a reason these things happen!  She told me many secrets about herself and until she gave me permission, I never spoke a word of them.  I told her secrets too, she was honorable.  As we sat together and cried over certain circumstance, a friendship was won.  Several clients I turned away, I sent her way.  Maybe some panned out, maybe some didn’t, but she knew my intentions were good and we remained friends in commerce and our strong feeling for the #girlfriendcode.  So many women in business can get caught up in competition, their husbands, their cars, their house, and their wardrobes!  We never did.

She actually began doing public speaking about #inhershoes, and was published in the Richmond Times Dispatch.  A great motivational speaker about how women in business should work together.

So, in closing, Moma’s tell your daughters to be nice to other girls!  Sometimes, chance meetings are not by chance at all, but by life’s choice.  Don’t let the good ones pass you by.  Men have had the upper hand for so long,  it’s time women see it the same way!  I MAY be really great at doing this, but she is AMAZING at doing that!  Moma’s teach your girls respect of other women, tenderness in girl friendships.

Why?  It doesn’t matter if this girl has something you don’t.  What matter’s is that in coming together, something really great can happen!  You might just discover your “wing girl”.  She’s got your back and vice versa.  It should be that way no matter what anyway.  We are already overcoming adversities!  You may just need a friend who’s hand reaches out for yours, no matter what circumstance, just to say, “I got you”.  No falling down on my shift, and you will be so grateful.

Consider it. #girlfriendcode

I want Roscoe P’s life!

All photo's from IP Phone 003

Above is the picture of the greatest dog a girl ever had!  Roscoe P.!  I envy Roscoe and how he happily runs around our yard, and then comes inside for his nap.  I want his life!  Minus being a dog, obviously, but he makes everything look so fun and easy.

Dealing with real life adult life is harder than any horror film you have ever seen.  Are you following me here?  I mean when you are watching the horror movie and the character in the story hears a bad sound coming from the basement.  What person watching isn’t screaming at the T.V., “Don’t go into that basement!  Run girl…RUN!”  Yet, this wouldn’t make a very good horror movie if they just dialed 911.  Am I right?  Life is the same way.  If we don’t face our fears and overcome them then are we living life the life of our dog or simply just bumping around?  Suddenly the horror movie sounds more fun.

There is nothing that I love more than the love of family.  There are great perks to it!

  1.  They pretty much have to LOVE you.  Mine may not like me at times, but I always feel the love.
  2. You will turn into your Mother.  This is something most girls fight, but just wait…It will happen.  In my case this works out great because my Mom is the queen of Prosecco which we have already established that I LOVE.  She is a good time party girl, minus her making me do dishes, but hey it’s a small price to pay.  Believe me I have tried to pay someone else to do it! #loveyourmother
  3. I have a happy, always smiling Daddy that makes a huge hit at our Super Bowl Party every year.  He laughs loudly, enjoys life, and his BIG hugs make this life a better place. #Alwaysdaddysgirl
  4. My Sister is hysterical.  She’s mentally ill, I say this with the most love, and never challenge her to a game of Murder!  (inside joke, sorry)  Pretty much don’t challenge her at anything because she will win!  Her competitive spirit along with her love, and light make our night time phone calls something I always look forward too!  #sisterswillkeepyoursecrets
  5. My Brother.  He is a mess.  You will never know he is because he can keep secrets and somehow always gets out of doing the dishes!  His humor is a bit odd and you never know if he’s really joking or not.  He’ll make comments like, “Mom, I can’t have another beer becuase I’m going to be dropping Acid tomorrow!”  We all laugh, but is he really kidding?  We may never know the truth!  He is awesome with phones and computers which is good because I suck at it, and he will even come over and fix mine if I pester him enough about it. #handycomputerguys

Back to the loveable Roscoe P!  He always wants to be with his Mommy (that’s me) everynight watching a show on a T.V. show he is always snuggled next to me and gets annoyed if I have to get up to go to the bathroom.  It’s a good thing I have Roscoe P., as we all have heard my last teenager is in the home stretch of finishing High School and will soon be in College!  I’m going to need plenty of valium and the love of my dog becuase the thought of this hurts my heart already!  As much as I complain about this job of parenting, I’m really just venting, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oh, I almost forgot, my husband!  He has mastered the “dog voice” we all use when talking to them or for them, or about them!  In the beginning, he just couldn’t get it down right and was the recipant of many jokes.  Well, he may make it through five more years of the Doctor life until retirement and then I will be in big trouble!  Surely, there will be a race to the mailbox for the American Express bill.  Thank God he loves me.  REALLY, Thank God.  He saved more than my life, he may have just saved my soul. #loveyourhusband

Your dogs love is the best of all!  He may get mad at you for tossing him outside for a portion of the day, but as soon as you give him that treat – it’s ALL GOOD.  Also, your dog doesn’t hold a grudge, and will protect you from the trash collectors he LOVES to bark at!

Xoxo, SCT, mask of the doctor’s wife ❤️

Pray for those that are hurt, love your friends, it is that simple.  Dedicated to Anne Moss Rogers – 

If I could do anything to take away the horrific pain of my friend, I would!  She is a charismatic, lovely, and wonderful friend.  She lost her son Charles to suicide.  He hung himself.  After a long road of mental illness, that lead to addiction – he wanted out of the pain so greatly that not even his Mothers love could save him.

When most others hear this story they are afraid for their children, they are moved to join her and make a difference by simply joining the fight of a conversation.

Will you join her in her fight of the conversation that no one really wants to have?  Are you strong enough to say, no more!
We are losing the battle against drugs of our youth. We need more self awareness, we need to make ourselves with armour of steel and awareness! Wake up! I know you have it in you. Join or contibutute to

Take that first painful step and make a difference. Do it for your children, your neighbor, or for a friend of a friend. Do it because it feels right.

It will not disappoint. 😇

Will you join the fight or simply continue to stumble around in the comfort of the darkness? Check out Anne Moss Rogers blog at!

For Anne Moss, you are not only my friend but know my conscience. I hope this post helps your cause some, and makes you happy that there are others willing to speak out, who are not afraid of the stigma our society places on these issues instead of the true awareness and compassion it deserves. Mostly, I hope it makes you smile. Fair weather friends come and go. Trust in the ones that stay no matter how uncomfortable it gets.❤️

xoxo, Stephanie Taylor, mask of the Doctors wife…


All that glitters is not gold….

Everlasting poem of our time!
JRR Tolkien had it right in the 50’s and it stands true TODAY. 

Credit to Mr. Tolkien…..

Thank you for still being the voice of our time.

Many of the stories told in The Lord of the rings, can be valuable in relationships, love, loyalty, and fighting for what you truly believe in!  Think about it.

Xoxo, Mask of the Doctors wife